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Quest: 2nd Job Change <With Spoiler>

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Quest: 2nd Job Change <With Spoiler>

Post  Shiva-Lover on Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:29 am

Level 45:
~ 2nd Class Change
Upgrading into the 2nd class needs you to run some quests from Zangzu
in Jina Town. You'll be given three quests; Test of Wisdom, Test of
Justice, and depends on which type your character will be, the third
Test will be different.
Satya, Karya, Vidya, and Samabat will get Test of Preserverance.
Banar, Druka, Nakayuda, and Abikara will get Test of Destruction.
Ordeal of Wisdom:
Talk to Zongkui in Jina Town, he'll ask you to talk to Moriya in
A'Nu Town. Go to A'Nu Town and talk to Moriya, and she'll give you
20 questions that you must answer. The answers are as follows:
1. Vartan
2. 10
3. Indra
4. Nagamudra Hima
5. 5050
6. Apvas
7. Exile Region
8. 1432
9. Ananga Dhevata
10. Amrita
11. 44%
12. Shambala
13. 8 Kings xxx
14. 15 xxx
15. Haimayuga
16. Vananta
17. 6 xx
18. 8xxx
19 Chataranga
20 1/126
If you give wrong answer, she'll order you to kill 20 Ananga before
you can take another shot.
After completing the questions, go back to Zongkui and he'll give you
Paper Piece as a proof that you've completed Ordeal of Wisdom.

Test of Justice:
Talk to Huang Dao Pao in Jina Town, he'll ask you to get rid of the
greedy creature in Duel Arena in Mandara Region. Form a party and go
inside Duel Arena and kill the Libertine.
IMPORTANT!! You have to kill Libertine AS PARTY, otherwise you will
never get the needed item.
After you get the item, return to Huang Dao Pao and he will give you
Friend's Name Cloth as proof that you've completed Ordeal of Justice.

Test of Preserverance:
Talk to Ouyez, he'll ask you to collect four items: Moon Oxhorn from
Bull, Strap Leather from White Tiger, Bow String Tendon from Lizard
Boss, and Glue Cell from Mangriang. Kill those monsters until you get
the needed items, then head back to Ouyez. He'll then ask you to go
to Saranu in A'Nu Town. Talk to her, and she'll ask you to collect
15 Hard Fabrics. Give her the fabrics, she will give you the String,
then return to Ouyez and he will give you Blood Cloth as proof that
you've completed Ordeal or Preserverance.

Test of Justice:
Talk to Iddung Dashu, he'll tell you to see Amar in Shambala Ruin.
Amar will challenge you to proof your strength by killing members of
opposing Gods. Go to Kruma and find Scout from the other two Gods
(example, if you're Vidha then find Sethi Scout and Batara Scout).
Scouts are located in Fortress area (you can find all Scouts in your
own Fortress). Kill them and get their symbols. Return to Amar, then
to Iddung Dashu and he'll give you an item as proof that you have
completed Ordeal of Destruction.

After completing all the Tests, go back to Zangzu, and he'll change you into the 2nd class.

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