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Beginners Info

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Beginners Info

Post  Shiva-Lover on Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:43 am

This game uses unique Muscle, Nerve, Heart, and Spirit stats, unlike the
usual STR, DEX, etc. While overall it does the same thing, for certain classes
it could have a different effect. Heart raises HP and TP(MP) for all classes,
but only raise HP for Deva/Garuda.

- Nerve affects Accuracy and Evasion, so the higher its value, the more chance
you will inflict extra damage and the more enemy's attacks you will evade.
Is that true?

- Deva/Garuda is the only class that gets benefits from Spirit, so if you're
picking other class, forget about Spirit. (may change in future?)

- Naga/Kimanara = Satvan >> Satya/Banar
Ashura/Rakshasa = Duvanta >> Karya/Druka
Yaksa/Ghandarva = Nirvana >> Vidya/Nakayuda
Deva/Garuda = Mantrika >> Abikara/Samabat

- Your skills will be reset when you change to the 2nd class, so before that,
you're free to mess up your skills to try your setups Razz.

- You have to be at Level 10 to change class, then Level 45 to change to 2nd
class. You need to be at Level 30 to choose your God, and after that you can
create or join Ashram
- Guilds are called Ashrams in Tantra Global and Guild Leaders are called Maharaja.
- Gods in Tantra Online:
1. Shiva (Blue)
2. Vishnu (Red)
3. Brahma (Yellow)
You can change your God later; the higher your level means higher price that
you have to pay to the old Vananta.

- The SKILL CRITICAL DAMAGE TRIGGER ... or whatever everyone call it. If you
pay close attention to your enemies while they are attacking, you will
occassionally see some kind of purple whirl-aura circling around the enemy.
When you see that, quickly hit it with your most damaging skill for DOUBLE

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