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Important Info

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Important Info

Post  Shiva-Lover on Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:50 am

Yaksa/Gandarva are Monks/Cleric type; characters with healing and supportive
powers. Another favoured class because they're strong as support and tanker,
and also as fighters, although you can't get both at the same time. As tank
and support, Y/Gs have reasonably high hit points, good defense, faster HP
regen skill, and healing skill. As fighter, they have good-damaging combos,
combined with fast attacking speed, and the above mentioned support skills.
And for some reasons, Yaksa/Gandarva have a good TP recovery rate.
Yaksa/Gandarva can use War-gloves, Maces, and Shields.

Stat Points/Chakra

Most Yaksa/Gandarva would have a high HP, then Muscle and Nerve depending on
your weapon. War-glove users would want to invest some Nerve, but mace users
would favor much more Muscles than Nerves. Go figure.

Initial Stats : Muscle 11, Nerve 11, Heart 11, Spirit 10
Muscle : +1(1/3) ATK, +(1/3) DEF
Nerve : +1 Evasion, +1 Accuracy, +1/5 DEF, +1(1/3) ATK for War-gloves
Heart : +5 Hitpoints, +5 TP
Spirit : +x resistance

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Re: Important Info

Post  antigen26 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:46 am

can you suggest a good distribution of the skill points after successful second job change? thanks Smile


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