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Chakra Distribution

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Chakra Distribution

Post  Obsidian on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:05 am

From what I have read, Naga/Kimnara are best if built with heart + muscle

Some prefer to have a max heart first, then allocate the remainder into muscle.

From the beginning you must depend on good gear to compensate the low muscle (dmg)

But Naga/Kimnara is a tanker class, meant to take much damage, so this is why heart is important.

Now of course you can build this class however you would like, but Mental is useless, and nerve

is not popular with this class (but I have read that a high nerve helps) so mainly the distribution

Should be either: 4 heart <> 1 Muscle or 3 Heart <> 2 Muscle. This is a beginning for you.

I will be adding more to this thread, if you have more to add please do. Surprised

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Re: Chakra Distribution

Post  Anarae on Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:44 pm

Nagas/Kimnaras gain the largest amount of HP per Heart point. So generally you would want to max your Heart to the cap (400).

Nerve is useful for getting less misses, but consider that a +100 Attack Success on the weapon, equates to much more Nerve, when compared to how much Muscle 100-100 elemental damage on the weapon equates to (as the weapon level increases, since it is multiplied).

As a simple example, these numbers are not accurate:
+100 Attack Success upgrade on weapon = 50 Nerve
+100-100 Elemental Damage on weapon = 25 Muscle (at higher weapon levels)

Again, these are example figures and not accurate at all, just to serve as an example.

Of course, having only Muscle at low levels makes it sometimes annoying to level when you miss a lot. Muscle tends to take quite some levels to show its worth.

There's nothing wrong with having some Nerve, but I would not recommend too much points into it, maybe not more than 50.

There's always Chakra reset item if you need it anyway!


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