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This is BullShit...

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This is BullShit...

Post  Obsidian on Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:18 pm

Ill just quote the sme thing that I posted on the gamenetworks forums:

Obsidian wrote:I mean seriously, read the event:

"CM's will be creating an Ashram In game
They will have their name saying CM to be recognizable
GM's will only give them rupiah for their ashram
They will be recruiting players from the community "

then they list the reward details. along with this at the end:

"FOr the new players fast lvl up and CM support and future reweards yet to be announced"

First of all this is not an event for the community, is an event for the CMs only.
I think this is a real dumb event, I mean i dotn complain much, I have played many online games in my time
but tell me how this is beneficial to the community on a whole? Everyone making new accts to join the CMs
guild? that is not "cultivating" the community, instead it is unfair to all Ashrams, bcuz now you get a freakin reward
for joining the CM's ashram, which in my opinion is just consolidating the power and screwing the balance
of the game. This is really disapointing, I mean, I hope I am reading something wrong in the broken english
that is used to post the event, but I dont think I am reading it wrong.

I really have kept quiet about most hang-ups about this game, for I have seen them in all games, and they eventually work
themselves out. But this is just too much...... A event advertised to the whole community as an EVENT for the community
... but all it is, simply put is an:

Ashram Recruiting Advertisement For The CMs Guilds. (who cares about all the others ashrams ..right?)

Really you guys have got to do better than this. I am sure that many of you CMs of this forum will come down on me for what I have stated, but it is an easy observation, this event is useless to the community at whole, and it is everything beneficial to you the CMs.........which in my honest opinion..... is unfair.

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Re: This is BullShit...

Post  AshleyRenton on Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:58 am

CM Ashram Update

Postby CM Tresiem573 on Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:25 pm
Since there has been too much of a comotion about this CM "make an ashram" event, the GM's have decided to revise the whole event. Instead of us, the CM's, making an Ashram only for new people, and other people and supporting them, we have decided to scrap that idea and come up with a different one.

The new idea is for the CM's to either remain in the Ashram they have made a while ago and support that Ashram, or join an Ashram of their choosing and support them. For example... Say I wanted to join the Ashram BrahmaDescendant... I will ask the leader of the Ashram if I may join, and if yes, I will support their Ashram in any way I can.

So be on the lookout of CM's without an Ashram and invite them to join and play along side you. But try not to have more than 1 CM in the same Ashram.

There i just copied it in the forum, please read


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Re: This is BullShit...

Post  Empress on Tue Dec 02, 2008 4:06 pm

totally unrelated to your topic: that event banner that they have hurts my eyes. >.<


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Re: This is BullShit...

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